About Us

Perennial Gardens’ Boston-based, award-winning landscape design services transform the ordinary into the exceptional. Perennial Garden’s philosophy is to create gardens that seamlessly meld the land to the surrounding architecture and enforce the strengths of the broader environment. No matter how formal or rustic, these gardens are meticulously designed to exude a sense of ease and beauty so that it seems they have always existed, without drawing attention to man’s hand in their creation. While our highly skilled team of craftsmen take personal pride in the installation of each project, we also enjoy collaborating with other design professionals — architects and interior designers — to ensure that our client’s dream is fully realized.

Ellen Abdow

Ellen Abdow

Once a public high school teacher, Ellen Abdow pursued her love of gardening working during summers on estates for a prominent landscape designer. Her knowledge of perennials was founded in her subsequent work for one of New England’s permier perennial nurseries. Since 1993 when she began the business, Perennial Gardens has continued to grow through word-of-mouth referrals. Ellen and her team pride themselves on three main things: understanding the clients’ individualized needs and aesthetic preferences, assessing the environment’s specific demands, and utilizing their deep horticultural knowledge base. ellen@perennialgardens.net  

Our Work

What Our Clients Say

Loyal clients and word of mouth referrals fuel our client base.

Comprehensive landscape design services

Design, build, maintain.


Our deep horticulture knowledge includes ornamental plants, shrubs, trees, lawns, vegetables and herbs. We specialize in fruit trees, seasonal pruning including specimen trees, shrubs, vines, and roses.

Irrigation and Drainage

Proper irrigation and drainage systems are essential to any large scale project. Our expertise includes automatic controllers, drip, and micro spray, french, surface and catch drain installation, and swales.


Complement your plantings with patios, pathways, retaining and free standing walls and steps.

Eco-friendly Applications

We are well versed in organic fertilizing programs, composting and soil amendment and organic integrated pest management.

Outdoor Living Areas

Enhance your outdoor living space with outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, fire pits and low voltage outdoor lighting. Perennial Gardens is one of the most experienced installers of roof decks in the city of Boston.


We have extensive experience in excavation, clean-up, and vegetation removal.